Interested in our brand at wholesale pricing? We carry children boutique, applique, and smocked clothing for kids. We also offer a few adult items.

Please read everything before completing the application.

Minimum order is 10 pieces per order. There are no style or size requirements. After your application has been approved you will receive an email with your wholesale discount code, which is 33% off retail prices listed. Your code will only work if you're logged into your account.

If you do not receive an email in 2-3 days after submitting your application please check your spam box or email us, we will gladly check the status of your application.

We typically open a new preorder every Monday. Three weeks out of the month we run applique items and once a month we do smock items. Here and there we’ll also do printed items. Estimated time of arrival (ETA) to us are always listed on the items and you can pull any information you need from the website.  If you are running preorders versus buying for stock, please make sure to add a buffer into your ETA. Typically our items come early but we're still in a pandemic, so no ETA can ever be guaranteed. You can use the mockup or flat lay photos we have on the website, but please do NOT use any photos with kids in them. If you have any questions regarding the use of pictures please contact us.

Shipping is $13.95 shipping per wholesale order, which includes insurance for all items. The shipping type you will select is WHOLESALE. 

To protect you, as well as us, we do not allow any of our customer to sell or advertise goods for less than our Retail Price which is shown on each item. We do include a cushion for shipping in the prices you see, so typically you can list for the same if you include shipping in your items or post for $2 less if you do not include shipping in your items. For example if an items is $24, and you include shipping in your items, you must list for at least $24. If shipping is not included in your the items you sell, you can list for a MR of $22. You are welcomed to offer short term sales and promotions as we understand this is essential for marketing.

We are willing to do anything possible to help you succeed in your business. Our brand is well known and has been in the market for over 4 years. We have many loyal customers, both retail and wholesale, and we hope you will become one of them. 

I appreciate and respect all of my customers, retail and wholesale. You should never experience a problem but if by the rare chance there is an issue, I will fix it if you let me know promptly.

We don't allow any activity that will damage our brand or our existing loyal customers' business. If you see or hear of any such activity, please contact us immediately and we'll take the necessary action.

We reserve the right to deny or revoke wholesale rights to any customer.

If you're ready to apply for wholesale, please complete your Wholesale Application here.

A member of our team will process your application and advise you via email.

Please make sure you include your Resales Tax ID number and also email a copy to magickingdomboutique@gmail.com

Your application will not be complete until you submit a copy of your resales certificate from your state. This is required for our CPA for all wholesale customers.